Clumsiness & Thankfulness.

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Saturday, 11.00 am. I take a bowl from the closet. I had not seen that it was upside down on a smaller one, that was then completely hidden. The smaller bowl falls on the floor. RIP.

The victim, right after its accident.

The pieces are held together, but not glued.

I am very, very, very clumsy. I can’t count how many tableware and delicate things I have broken in my life, or how many bruises I have. I don’t know whether my hands actually belong to my body.

So, you may tell me that this is not the first time, nor will it be the last one, that such a catastrophe will happen. The tragic thing is, the poor bowl was Miss Teeny Kitty’s favorite one. She adopted it last year at a potters’ market, and she would regularly use it, especially for tea.

Then, you can imagine her despair and angriness whent I told her about the accident.

How would I be able to make up for my mistake ?

Going back to a few minutes ago ? My time travelling machine is out of order.

Picking up the pieces ? It was technically possible, but some tiny fragments would still be missing. Moreover, the bowl would no longer be usable to eat or drink from, since I don’t have any food-compatible glue ; and even if I had, it would not be as strong as before.

Asking Miss Teeny Kitty to choose one of my bowls or tea cups ? She refused it.

After a very long moment of disarray, I decided to email the potter Jean-Marie Hermant, in case he had another one left. Just in case…

Well, he had ! Not only did he have a few ones left from this series, but he told me that his wife was to give a show today in my own town, 10 minutes from home !!

As you can imagine, when I got up this morning I was focused on ONE mission : bringing the new bowl home for Miss Teeny Kitty. And I made it. The bowl is on her desk, waiting for her to unwrap it. (If you want to discover it too, scroll downwards, at the very end of the post).

OK, it was – in the end – a funny adventure, but Super Dad made it even more fun. Don’t forget that Super Dad is ready for everything that makes his kids happy.

On Saturday, at the beginning of the afternoon – the bowl was still broken, my mail to the potter still unanswered, Miss Teeny Kitty still desperate -, he told us (Miss Teeny Kitty, her older sister Princess Mouse, and me) to get ready for we were to go out. He sternly refused to tell us where. « Wait and see » was his only answer to all our questions. I was feeling more and more stressed (I hate surprises, even good ones), but I decided to focus on breathing exercises. He drove us to a very tiny village, only a few houses at the end of a road in the mountains… (To be honest, it was only a few kilometers from our town). I told myself that we were going to the end of the world, but that Super Dad a very precise idea in mind.

How right I was.

We indeed arrived at the end of the world (to be more accurate, in the middle of a forest). I suddenly saw a sign saying « POTTER ». Oh. I suddenly understood : Super Dad had found a potter and wanted to surprise us !

We are welcomed by one of the artist’s daughters, since the potter was away at a craftmen’s fair for the weekend. This young lady very patiently and very kindly showed us her Mom’s works. Teeny Kitty, Princess Mouse, and even I, could pick one creation. Princess Mouse chose a white tumbler, Miss Teeny Kitten, a huuuuuge white and blue bowl. She had trouble making her mind, since she was still regretting her poor shattered bowl – which I could understand, because the deep blue glaze was beautiful. Not the best choice for tea, but perfect for soup, oatmeals, and so on. As for me, I decided NOT to add one more item to my teaware, and I picked a big white salad bowl. Perfect for tomato salads, if summer at last comes this year.

In the salad bowl, Miss Teeny Kitty’s giant bowl (left) and Princess Mouse’s tumbler. Creations Gwenaelle Bausseron.

Back home from the Miss Teeny Kitty’s Happiness Rescue Mission, I saw I had received a mail from the first potter, the dead bowl’s dad. You know what happened next.

A day full with emotions !!

What I learnt :

  • I must pay much more attention to what I do. Being « here and now ». yes, meditation is an every minute action, not only when I sit on a cushion.
  • Super Dad does deserve his nickname. Compassion & altruism.
  • I am really thankful to J.M. Hermant and his wife, who made it possible for Miss Teeny Kitty to smile again, saving me from an awful death (Miss Teeny Kitty was about to hang me by my feet !)
  • I discovered Gwenaelle Bausserons work, a ceramicist who creates beautiful contemporary tableware, made for a daily use.

In the end, I am wondering whether breaking that bowl was not a good thing, actually ? Uh, don’t go too far, Nanook !

I have to go, my kettle is whistling, & my book is calling…


Psst… pssst… below, the new bowl made by J.-M. Hermant, with its blue glaze on a sunny yellow silk paper (yellow sky & blue sun ?). It is of course not exactly the same as the previous one, but Miss Teeny Kitty is delighted, and THAT is what matters most !

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