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With spring equinox on March 20th, spring will officially be there and migratory birds will soon be back to France.

But bird specialists and bird watchers have another reason to rejoice, having nothing to do with migratory birds !

Ornithologists from the whole world have just discovered 3 new parakeet species in France, though these birds are not migratory ! Scientists thought they knew all of them, but recent photos sent to Thé.Livre.&Co prove that there are still some unknown ones left.

We apologize to our readers for the poor quality of the pictures, that do not show the beauty of these birds ; they are very shy and then very difficult to photograph.

Parakeets belong to the psittacula order, just like parrots. Parakeets are long-tailed parrots. They have beautiful and bright colors, and for this reason have been caught or raised for the pleasure of many bird-lovers.

There are about 60 species, the most famous one being the ring-necked parakeet.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "perruche à collier" (Source : wikipedia)

They mainly eat grain and fresh grass.

Parrots and parakeets can be found in Oceania (Australia), Asia (India) or Africa (Madagascar) ; however, they can be found in the USA and in France as pets, or as free birds. These free birds are mostly former « prisoner » birds that have been set free by their owners, or babies from those birds.

In France they mostly live in Ile-de-France (near Paris), and on the east from Lille (north of France), where they compete with pigeons for food.

But the newly discovered species have been seen in a small town in the Alps, though they are not adapted to the weather. No explanation has yet been found.

Description de cette image, également commentée ci-aprèsThe Alpine marmot (marmota marmota), very common in the French Alps.

Were they carried by Eole ? Did they choose the wrong plane ? Did they want to discover mountains and snow ? Should we worry for a soon-to-come bird invasion ?

The rumor says that these mysterious parakeets come from the French town called Saint-Etienne near Lyon.

One of the two families that sheltered the parakeets, explained : « Since it was a warm afternoon, the windows were open. We suddenly saw this bird fly inside our living-room (the blue and orange one, see below). I called my neighbor, who told me the same story, but with two green and blue ones ! So we asked a bird-watcher of our friends’ what to do. We had absolutely no idea that they were unknown species. »

The most surprising thing is that each bird belongs to a different species of ring-necked parakeet, as much as can be said from their colors. The question is : were these new colors made by Nature or were they man-made ?

Famous ring-necked parakeets.

(photo : 

… and, below, the newly discovered parakeets.

Light blue and water green, and cobalt blue/white. Parakeets love living in couple. These two now live together.

Below, the turquoise blue and orange one, already nicknamed « Blue Orange ».

This 70s-style bird chose to live in the room with an old school map : same colors and the mountainous area looks like a bird. Has the psychedelic parakeet mistaken this picture for a fellow bird ?

If you can solve this mystery, please share your explanations with us !! I have to go, my kettle is whistling & my book is calling…

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