The Wheel of The Year* : Samhain. Celebrating Death.

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Warning : This article talks about a spiritual movement. I do not proselytize, I am interested in all existing religions. That’s why I can write about buddhism, catholicism, protestantism, islam, judaism, hinduism, jainism, voodoo, santeria, atheism, secularism, & about any other spiritual belief… Whatever are each one’s beliefs, I find it is of the utmost importance to know other faiths, whether one agrees with them or not.


So, after Mabon, which celebrates the Autumn Equinox, let’s have a closer look at Samhain, which honors the dead. Hey, Nanook, you’re being creepy !! No, no, not at all !

Catholic countries celebrate All Saints’ Day & the Day of the Dead, Mexico has « el Dia del Muertos » or the Day of the Dead, Japanese people honor their ancestors’ spirits through O-Bon, China has the Day of the Ghosts, and so on. I don’t know how every single country celebrates death, but it seems that it is a pretty common phenomenon (honoring the dead), maybe a universal one (well, death is, for sure).

If you don’t like Halloween but are looking for a way to celebrate this very special time of the year, Samhain could be for you… I let you discover this holiday…



I have to go, my kettle is whistling & my book is calling… Unless it is pixies…


*Note : In Wicca, the wheel of the year represents the cycle of the seasons, & of the holidays & festivals that rythm time. The wheel means that time is cyclic.


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