Landart, fall winter

Author : Bettina Mercier

Editions : Actes Sud Junior, 2014






Though this book is written in French, it can be enjoyed in any country !

Beautiful photographs, easy to make artworks, for kids and grownups !

And many ideas to play with natural things : stones, pine cones, leaves, ice…

Another way to look at what surrounds us.

A jewel !!


Bonus : personal photos can be sent to the author !



As for me, I prefer taking pictures without touching things. They often make a natural painting… Maybe my pictures can’t be classified as Landart. Well, nevermind. You can see some of my photos on my Instagram account.


To end a day or an afternoon walking and creating outdoors, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea… For children (and for adults too !), rooibos is perfect : warming and theine-free. And I found this beautiful mug on ebay : it is a Dunoon mug, with a design by Cherry Denman, called « Rustic Rascals« … I couldn’t resist it !!

Or, one can choose hojicha, a nearly theine-free roasted Japanese tea that tastes like hazelnut…

Have a nice day !! I must go, the kettle is whistling…

2 thoughts on “Landart, fall winter

  1. Merci beaucoup pour votre gentil article sur mon livre… Parfois je tombe via le net sur des personnes qui parle du livre et ça me fait plaisir, alors j’envoie un petit message tout sourire juste pour vous.

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